Missouri Vein Care Success Stories

"I can come home and cook dinner right away after work
without having to sit down and rest my legs first"

- Kristen B

"I feel like I have more energy!
I am sleeping better at night, and I am not as short of breath"

- Cheryl H

"I can walk with my wife in the evenings for the first time in a long time!"

- Justin B

"I could tell a huge difference in my legs right away!
I am able to enjoy traveling and hiking again"

- Patriia C

Patient Testimonial about relief from venous disease.

- Erin, Michael, Tina

Patient Testimonial about relief from venous disease

- Kay, Michael

"I just wanted to be able to wear a pair of shorts."

- Raquel

"Can you believe I went my whole life with pain?"

- Sharon

"(The procedure) was really not painful at all. It didn’t bother me a bit."

- Danny

"I have told a lot of people just to go…and get the free screening."

- Dorothy

"I knew there was something that was keeping me from being active."

- Mary

"I expected it to take longer for me to feel relief. But I felt it almost immediately."

- Sue

"I went back home, put my cane up and have been walking without it ever since."

- Terry

"I thought if we can fix this where I can sleep then I’m good to go."

- Erma

"I finally just got tired of being tired."

- Joanne

"My family has a lot of history of varicose veins."

- Miha

"I knew that there was something internal that was causing the problem."

- Paul

"It made me feel ten years younger."

- Rosemary

"I have some medical background and knew that circulation might be part of the problem."

- Jim

"Now I can walk, I can work in my flowerbeds, I can work in my garden and I enjoy my grandkids!"

- Becky