Dear Doctors and Friends,

We would like to inform you of the departure of Dr. Gregory Ruth effective October 1, 2018, and are excited that Dr. Michael Ryan will be returning to Rolla to oversee the vein care of your patients at the Missouri Vein Care – Rolla office. 

Dr. Ryan is covered by most insurances. This includes Coresource which we understand is particularly important to your patients and therefore to you.

Dr. Michael Ryan is triple-board-certified in venous & lymphatic medicine, cardiovascular surgery, and general surgery. After practicing cardiovascular surgery for 12 years, Dr. Ryan has focused exclusively on vein circulation and vein care. 

Vein circulation symptoms commonly include cramps, fatigue, ulcers, itching, aching, restless legs, poor sleep, feeling run down and sometimes varicose or spider veins. A non-invasive ultrasound appointment can quickly diagnose many vein issues.

You can easily schedule your patients directly for an initial diagnostic ultrasound and consultation by completing the attached referral form and faxing to 573-632-2784 or by contacting our office at 877-870-5244. 

If you would like to schedule Dr. Ryan or one of our staff to visit your office to answer questions about vein circulation problems or provide your staff with a FREE limited vein screen,  please contact Amber at 573-632-2780 and we would be happy to accommodate your request. 


Dr. Michael Ryan