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Free Vein Screening

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Today is the day. Put yourself first. Attend a Free Ultrasound Screening today and find out what we can do to help correct your vein circulation problem. Treatments take less than an hour and you can resume your normal activities immediately. It starts today. Schedule your Free Vein Screening NOW.
A FREE screening includes:
  • Limited vein ultrasound
  • Visit with the Doctor or Nurse
  • Assessment of your vein condition

If a circulatory problem is found at your Limited Vein Ultrasound screening, you will be scheduled for a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound that will be billed to your insurance.

Getting Started:

  • Set up your consultation or free screening. Give us a call or sign up here.
  • Attend the screening and learn how we might be able to help you.
  • Learn about payment options.


Most treatments are covered by insurance. Meet with our Insurance Specialist to get any of your questions answered.

We also have payment plans available.
Still have questions? Give us a call. At 877-870-5244. We would love to talk with you.